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Professional inventory services

Transporting construction, road-building and agricultural machinery can be complicated. Luckily, Global Logistics Partners will be there every step of the way with a customized and cost-effective solution to move your cargo.

No matter the size or weight of your machinery, our nationwide network of insured transporters have the equipment necessary to offer safe and quick transport from your door. Depending on the destination of your shipment, Global Logistics Partners can offer various services to transport your machinery. Roll-On/Roll-Off shipments are available to ship self-propelled machinery as-is. This method involves equipment being driven in and out of ocean vessels, with all cargo being secured in place to ensure safe carriage.

Global Logistics Partners also works with nationwide machinery dismantlers that can separate and safely load your machinery into shipping containers. This method is more cost-effective than shipping complete machinery, and is done in such a way to ensure the machinery can be simply reassembled for use at its destination. We handle self-propelled and static equipment of all kinds, and we look forward to offering you our services.


Transporting construction, road-building and agricultural machinery can be complicated...
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We provide individuals and businesses with custom solutions to meet any air freight need...
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